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Granule Maxi Front-Loaded Granule Pot Washer

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Granule Maxi is a front-loaded No Pre-Washing™ pot washer that suits operations ranging from 400 to 3000 meals per day and is suitable for medium to large-sized kitchens. The handling of pots is extremely important to the workflow and Granule Maxi is the high-capacity machine that makes sure that pots are quickly ready to use again. To maximise this benefit, Granule Maxi can be customised by using the right combination of accessories. Use Granule Maxi as a stand-alone solution or as a system with mobile multi-cassettes and trolls.

  • Features & Available Ownership Options

Features & Available Ownership Options


  • Innovative Granule Technology™ eliminates the need to pre-wash.
  • Saves up to 8.4 litres of chemicals per day and up to 2,500 litres per year.
  • Eco programme saves up to 4,200 litres of water per day and up to 1,260,000 litres per year.
  • Saves up to 145 kWh of energy per day and up to 43,500 kWh per year.
  • Pre-washing is eliminated – clean pots and pans in 2.5 minutes.
  • High capacity of 8 GN1/1 per cycle or 4 GN2/1 per cycle, up to 192 GN1/1 or 96 GN2/1 or 384 GN1/2 per hour.
  • All wash programmes comply with the hygiene guidelines of the DIN 10512 standard.
  • User-friendly design with 1.eye-level control panel 2.large buttons and clear symbols 3.reminders and messages on the display 4.Multi-level and grip-friendly handle 5.Red and green indicator lamps 6.USB port for export of HACCP log files.
  • Can be further customised to fit your unique needs by adding one or more smart accessories and inserts.

*Download detailed product brochure for key electrical and water information including machine dimensions.

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Available Ownership Options

  • Choose to purchase together pot washer chemicals and automatic chemical dispenser will be provided on a free-on-loan basis.
  • Free consultation and evaluation prior to the recommendation of the suitable programs based on a client’s individual requirements.
  • Technical/sales support and troubleshooting available 7 days a week.
  • On site and periodic refresher training available on request.